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Baby Sunset. Waves here are a smaller or "baby" version of those at Sunset. Also known as Alligators. This is a secondary or "back" channel in deference to the nearby primary channel into the bay at the Hanalei River mouth. Channel through the east end of the reef. The name refers to the channel's location at the end of the reef that leads into the outer bay.

It is the backdoor or lesser-used channel, as opposed to the primary or more frequently used channel into the bay, the Cable Channel at the west end of the reef. Same as Backdoor Pipeline. The inside, or reform, of the left at Brown's, a surf site ridden primarily to the right.

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Also known as In Betweens. Backdoor Chun's. Left at Chun's Reef. Most surf sites are surfed best in one direction, either to the left of the takeoff spot or to the right. When a surfer rides the opposite way of the usual direction of the wave, he or she is said to be riding through the "backdoor. Also known as Piddleys. Backdoor Pipeline. If a site is best surfed to the left, it is called a left. If a site is best surfed to the right, it is called a right.

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When a surfer rides the opposite way of the normal direction of the wave, he or she is said to be riding through the "backdoor. Also known as Backdoor. Back Wall. Dive site, Molokini Island, Maui. On the backside of the island. Small wave break that disappears when Himalayas is breaking. Off the backyards of the beach-front homes on the north side of Sunset Point.

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Like the beach in Reeds Bay, Bakers Beach is man-made. The coral rubble and calcareous sand that comprise the beach are spoil materials from the dredging operations that enlarged the Hilo Harbor basin. They were deposited on the shore here between and The newly created beach fronted the home of prominent Hilo businessman Adam Baker, whose three-story house with its beautiful lawns, rock gardens, and large fruit and shade trees was a famous landmark.

Balancing Rock.

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Also known as Pele's Chair, Rebel Rock. Beach park 17 acres , surf site, Kahului, Maui. Named after Harry A. Baldwin , son of Henry P. Baldwin, cofounder of Alexander and Baldwin, Inc. The shorebreak here is one of Maui's most popular bodysurfing and bodyboarding sites. Bamboo Ridge. Banyan Tree. Park, Lahaina, Maui. Banyan Tree Reef. North of Nahuna Point. A large banyan tree stands on the low sea cliff inshore of the site. The origin of this name for the section of beach between Banzai Rock and Rocky Point is unknown, but surfing movie producer and artist John Severson recalled that the name was in use when he arrived in During the s the name was applied to a lava rock formation at the southwest end of the beach, the Banzai Rock, and attached to the surf site in the center of the beach, the Banzai Pipeline.

Banzai is a Japanese word meaning "Ten Thousand Years" and is commonly used as a toast at festive occasions to wish someone a long life. In the past it has also been used as a war cry. During World War II, a banzai charge was a death-defying attack by Japanese soldiers against their enemies. This latter definition of banzai is the one applicable to the beach and its dangerous waves. Banzai Pipeline. Same as Pipeline. Banzai Rock. Beach support park 2. Named for the Banzai Rock, a natural lava rock formation at the edge of the calcareous sand beach fronting the park.

Also known as Rockpile. Barbed Wires. The polo field is a former Dillingham Ranch pasture that was surrounded by barbed wire. Soon after passing the entrance to Pearl Harbor, the Arthur wrecked on a reef in high surf and was completely destroyed. Six of the crew drowned, but Barber and the other fifteen members of his crew made it ashore in their small boats. The point where the wreck occurred was known thereafter as Barbers Point. Also known as Kalaeloa. Barbers Point. Beach park 7. Narrow calcareous sand beach bordered by a rocky shelf.

Named after the point. Originally dredged in as a barge harbor, it is also known as Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor. Established in at Puhilele, Kalaeloa. The foot concrete light tower was built in , and the light was automated in Naval air station. In the U. Navy purchased the site of the naval air station from the Campbell. Barge Harbor. Barking Sands.

Section of Polihale Beach at Nohili Point. A bascule bridge is one that is counterweighted so that it can be raised and lowered easily.

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  5. The Sand Island bascule bridge is no longer raised and lowered due to the heavy traffic on Sand Island Road. Also known as the Drawbridge, Slattery Bridge. Opposite the Polynesian Cultural Center where the ocean has severely eroded the shore, expos-ing a limestone shelf. The "bathtub" is the pond between the shelf and the beach.

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    Battery Randolph. On the shore of Ft. DeRussy and the site of the U. Battery Randolph is a former gun emplacement that was completed in as a key installation in the coastal artillery defense of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. It was equipped with two inch cannons that could shoot 14 miles out to sea. The guns were mounted on a disappearing carriage so that the recoil would cause them to drop behind the concrete wall after firing. Fire was directed from Diamond Head, but the guns were not used often as their blasts caused buildings in Honolulu to shake.

    In Battery Randolph's guns were dismantled, and in Battleship Missouri. Memorial, Pearl Harbor. It was opened as a memorial and museum on January 29, Battleship Rock. Rock formation at feet that resembles a ship.

    Teresa Palmer: An Aussies Voyage To Stardom - Journey From Land Down Under To The Top

    The rock is a seaward extension of Hawaiian Reef. Bay, The. They named it The Bay because the surf site is in a small bay. Surf sites, all islands.

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    Bayfront is an abbreviation of Hilo Bayfront Park. The surf site is off the highway bridge over the Wailuku River at the north end of the park and is also known as Iron Bridge. Adjacent to the Turtle Bay Hilton Hotel on the north side of the point. The Bayview Lounge in the hotel overlooks the surf site. Also known as Hotels, Keyholes. BB Buoy. Buoy at approximately fathoms.