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Women were always the second in his list with the"no rings no strings" rule but Miranda was different. One brush of her breasts against him and he wanted the whole package".

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Miranda was a successful assistant. She was at the beck and call of all the residents of the Pinnacle. They all love her because she was discreet and loyal. She wasn't a football fan but one ticket from the well known and successful quarterback Luke Archer made her join the fan club. But the quarterback wanted more than a groupie. He wanted the kind and perceptive Miranda that gave him the most warm smile he'd ever seen. I loved the story of Luke and Miranda.

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It was an insta love story but it was written in a very beautiful way. I'm looking forward to Gavin Miller's story. Copy provided by NetGalley.

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Jun 11, Aphrodite rated it really liked it. Romantic I loved the story of Luke and Miranda. It was fun and sweet. This is the first book I read from the author. I will read the others now. Mar 31, Sam rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book. For me, the romances I tend to be drawn too are the ones with the bad boy. The boy who messes around a with too many girls, has commitment phobia, and is just an all around douche. The story was very well written.

You could tell that the author writing this wasn't just throwing words on a page, it was well thought out and planned. There was just enough of a mystery to the book. Of course, from t I absolutely loved this book. Of course, from the very beginning I know who Luke would end up with, that's how it is in every romance book. But I really enjoyed how the plot progressed.

It was easy to follow along and a quick read. I found that I was enjoying every moment of reading. There was always something interesting going on. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. She was also amazing at her job and very hardworking. Right off the bat I knew that I would enjoy her character. She did everything for her clients and made sure that they were well taken care of. I respected her so much throughout the story.

Sure, she was sad during some scenes, but she got right back up and moved along. She was strong, caring, respectful, loving, and kind. I loved her character so much. Luke, oh Luke. First off, he was a Texas rancher and that made me love him right away. He was also an amazing football quarterback who went to The University of Texas. He also had those southern manners. Those are very hard to come by these days and it made him so much better. He loved so much, between his brother and his family, that he tried to not let anyone down.

He was also so strong, not just in the physical sense, in the emotional sense. He was the same as Miranda, he knew what he wanted and went after it. He had a good head on his shoulders and he respected people. He was kind to his fans, especially the children. He was an all around good person.

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The All-Star Antes Up was such a good read. I loved every second of it. My roommate even had to tell me at one point to turn off my iPad and go to sleep because I was up late reading. This book is full of steamy, swoon worthy, and hilarious moments. The premise is that three billionaires that belong to an exclusive club made a bet with each other that they would find love within a year or lose something of importance to donate to charity.

Though I started with this 2nd book of the series first instead of the 1st book I felt that this could be read as a standalone even if there were references to characters in the first book. I thought this book was wonderful in getting deep into the psyche of the main characters, Luke Archer and Miranda Tate. I liked how Miranda was in awe of Luke because he's rich, famous, and gorgeous.

We get those books where the heroine is clueless about how famous the hero is or doesn't care about it and I do like those books , but it is sometime refreshing to get the true to life reaction to a famous person where you stutter and are starstruck. Miranda was like that but in a sweet kind of way. She wasn't an annoying character that only wanted to be with Luke because of his celebrity status.

Luke's character as the four time Superbowl champion quarterback of his NFL football team wasn't so arrogant as I expected him to be. Not too much of an alpha male, but a sweet, considerate and hardworking athlete. He grew up in a household of academics and always felt like the odd person out since his interest was in football and both his parents are teachers and his brother is a Harvard grad. However, Luke's jerk of a brother, Trevor, is jealous of Luke's fame and fortune, but Luke tells Trevor that he is the lucky one because Trevor's got a wife who loves him.

This book was a really good read and I am going to definitely be checking out the 1st book in the series about Nathan Trainor the billionaire CEO, though I'm more curious about the writer Gavin Miller, who seemed to annoy both Luke and Nathan. Mar 30, Katie babs rated it really liked it. Nancy Herkness really knows how to write a great contemporary romance featuring a millionaire hero and the hard working heroine. The Wager of Hearts series features three rich men who make a bet. He lives and breathes football, but also has good financial sense.

He thinks his family only admires him for his sports skills and not his intelligence, unlike his brother Trevor, who is very smart. Trevor is staying with Luke while he finds a job as a professor at one of the prestigious colleges surrounding NYC.

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  7. Because of that illegal request, Luke meets Miranda. The All-Star Antes Up kept me riveted from beginning to end. I love this type of story, and the setup. The chemistry between Miranda and Luke is great, especially the first love scene. Luke puts his home gym to good use, and WOW, what a scorcher!

    I also loved how normal and just plain nice these two are, especially when Luke tries to help Trevor, who is in a downward spiral. There are some misunderstandings and drama that arises to bring about a great HEA for Miranda and Luke. Finding out what Luke was willing to give up to find a forever love with a woman was a nice wink wink reveal.

    Apr 24, Danielle rated it really liked it. Nancy Herkness is a new author to me and I found I really did enjoy this read.

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    The story is about a billionaire football quarterback and a hard working concierge who find their HEA. This is the second book in The Wager of Hearts series and it could be read as a standalone.

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    The story starts out with three very different billionaires football player, CEO and a author drinking and making a bet. They all need to find love and get engaged in a years time. These three men bet something that means a Nancy Herkness is a new author to me and I found I really did enjoy this read. These three men bet something that means a lot to them so the stakes are high. In this story we meet Luke who is a nfl quarterback, he lives for the game but he knows his years are numbered.