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There are class differences.

Instead, the dream is a flashy and fast sportscar or SUV. You know the brand names. Just the other day the newcasts featured another death on Commonwealth Avenue—a teenage boy who made one of those mad sprints across the highway. Our reckless bus drivers represent the worst case scenario: of little boys who never outgrew their fixation on wheels and speed.

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Combine that with employers paying bus drivers by the trips made, bus drivers inviting other drivers to race for the fun of it, a machismo culture of alcohol and drug use, and, finally, corrupt or more often helpless traffic enforcers, and you have the perfect recipe for road disasters and death. I am convinced we can tame the speed demons in boys and men, starting with ourselves, and then with our kids.

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He knows all too well about hospitals and suffering with the many visits he made to an ailing grandmother last year, and a kid sister having heart surgery two years ago. I find I have to do that as well with the older men. All said, taming the speed demon, which is something we should be doing in homes and schools, must be linked to teaching about the value of human life.

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Magalong is fighting the real drug war. Unsolicited advice to UP aspirants. Telecommuting is viable. Like a spoiled brat. Anne Curtis hurt whenever asked about having a baby. Don't miss out on the latest news and information.

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