Manual Environment, Health and History

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Have you been exposed to any radiation or chemical liquids, dusts, mists, or fumes? Is there any relationship between current symptoms and activities at work or at home?

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Have you been off of work because of a work-related illness or injury? If so, describe:.

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Have you worked with a substance that caused a skin rash? What was the substance? Describe your reaction. Have you had trouble breathing, coughing, or wheezing while at work? Do you smoke or have you ever smoked cigarettes, cigars, or pipes? For how long and how many per day? Have you ever worked at a job or hobby in which you came into direct contact with any of the following substances through breathing, touching, or direct exposure? If so, please place a checkmark beside the substance.

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If you have answered ''yes" to any of the above, please describe your exposure on a separate sheet of paper. Have you ever changed your residence or home because of a health problem? Do you live in the immediate vicinity of a refinery, smelter, factory, battery recycling plant, hazardous waste site, or other potential pollution source? Do you and your child live in or regularly visit a building with peeling or chipped lead paint e.

Environmental Exposures and Women's Health

Has there been recent, ongoing, or planned renovation or remodeling of this structure s? Do any members of your household have contact with dusts or chemicals in the workplace that are then brought into the home? Do you fumigate your home or use pesticides in and around your home and on a pet?

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Do you use mothballs? America's nurses, an estimated 2 million strong, are often at the frontlines in confronting environmental health hazards. Yet most nurses have not received adequate training to manage these hazards.

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Nursing, Health, and the Environment explores the effects that environmental hazards including those in the workplace have on the health of patients and communities and proposes specific strategies for preparing nurses to address them. The committee documents the magnitude of environmental hazards and discusses the importance of the relationship between nursing, health, and the environment from three broad perspectives.

Reviews on Environmental Health

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History of Toxicology and Environmental Health - 1st Edition

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