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Older people tend to have their blood pressure monitored by the GP and will be advised to take medication to bring it down and statins to reduce the cholesterol deposits that can clog the arteries. The data came from hospital and mortality records for all residents of England aged 20 and older who were admitted to hospital with stroke or died from stroke between and They included both kinds of stroke — those caused by clots obstructing blood flow to the brain and also bleeds in the brain.

The team based their findings on , stroke events in , people, including , stroke deaths. The average age at onset of stroke was 72 for men and 76 for women, and the average age of those who died from stroke was 79 for men and 83 for women. There have been campaigns to make people aware of the symptoms of stroke so that they get medical attention and, where appropriate, clot-busting drugs quickly. Topics Stroke.

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Your crew wail as its eye fills your windows! The Halved is directly responsible for Eleutheria's lawlessness, as it radiates darkness instead of light. The Halved claims to have changed, but as Mr Barleycorn points out, it may not have changed as much as it thinks.

It shudders. It dims.

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You watch as it draws its fires into itself, becoming sullen, crimson coals. Its surface cools, scabbing over with a black crust.


Shadows flood this region of the sky. The revolution was incited by the current resident of the Well of Wonders , a Fingerking storyteller who tried to persuade the Binary to abandon their light.