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Time flies. As a manager, this state of flow is less common, if not non-existent. As a manager, you might not find out until months later if a decision you made or a conversation you had positively or adversely affected your team.

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If you relish being in flow, weigh how important the frequency of that experience is for you. Or, understand that you may have to find ways to reprogram what your original requirements for flow were. Why are we doing this thing? One of the hardest things to reconcile as a leader is how much you have to let go. But in reality, how tight is your grip?

Do you have a tendency to be a bit of a control freak be honest ;-?

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She said:. I am the greatest at reconciling PayPal downloads that this world has ever seen. However, it also mean being manager might not be for you. What is motivating this team member? Why might she be frustrated with this team member? What is the true underlying cause of why this other team member is struggling?

You have to ask questions, be relentlessly curious, and uncover the truth of a situation. Everything is coming together, though her love life leaves something to be desired. Until Nichole introduces Beth to Sam, a tattooed mechanic who's the epitome of her conservative parents' worst nightmare. Beth doesn't want to upset her parents more than she already has, and for himself, Sam has no interest in being set up with a prissy music teacher.

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But both learn that appearances aren't everything when Beth gets into a car accident and Sam visits her--at first out of obligation, and then because he can't stay away. In order for us to play a either a major or a minor chord with the slide, we need those notes to be on the same fret so that the slide can play them all at once. Do you see the logic in this?

I would also like to point out to you that the G major chord does as well. When we play an A major chord in the first position, we place our fingers on the second fret of the B, G and D strings. Now, on a G major chord, we do not put a finger on any of those strings, they are all played as open strings. But they are still played! And it makes perfect sense because A is a whole step or two frets up from G.

So, using this logic, we can see that we can play any major chord we want to simply by fretting these three strings up and down the neck. Here are the positions from the open strings all the way to the twelfth fret:.

2. You prefer working to fulfill someone else’s dream.

So now we can play the almost all of the verses of If Not For You with the slide. And all of the bridge as well.

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What about that Am? Are there any minor chords that you know how to play where the three notes of the chord are on the same fret? Here they are:. Want a B minor chord? Well, B is the note on the seventh fret of the first string, right? So barre the first three strings on the seventh fret and voila!

Bm at your service. Another useful thing that you might want to know is that if you include the fourth string in your barre as well, you have just made the seventh of your minor chord. So, again using the seventh fret as an example:. Now you might want to take a look at your major chords again and realize that all of the root notes of those chords are on the G string.

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This is another important piece of information to squirrel away in your brain. The standard way to play it would be in one of these two forms:. But we know, from reading Building Additions , that this chord consists of a D major chord with the E note added on.


I like them both.