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The scene depicts Capt. Miles Standish beating a Pequot Indian with a club. The Indian is on all fours in front of Standish, a tomahawk in his hand, head down, defeated. A colonist militia was later assembled and sent to eliminate the troublesome Pequot people once and for all. Governor Winslow declared a thanksgiving celebration upon their successful return. Contrary to the Pilgrim Story narrative, the Pequot massacre is the actual the basis of our Thanksgiving holiday. On the side opposite the viewer a standing male Indian figure leans against the rock, his back to the viewer.

This orientation refers to several situations, both symbolically and geographically. Viewers are placed as the Indians were, looking toward the oncoming Pilgrims and the inescapable unfolding of history. Coles Hill rises behind the visitors as they gaze eastwards toward Europe. Massasoit also faces the rock, his gaze also looking toward the oncoming plague of history.

As visitors gaze at the Rock in Plymouth, their backs are turned to the Massasoit sculpture, which is up the hill, behind them and out of sight. In my sculpture this situation is re-oriented slightly. The text on the sign is a transcription from the actual plaque that is located in Post Office Square in Plymouth.

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An accompanying didactic panel outlines some aspects of King Phillips war, with particular emphasis on how formative it was for American identity, culture and policy that continues today. A reading area is provided with a selection of books, texts and research materials that were used in the formation of the works as well as covering issues beyond the scope of the artworks; larger historical, political and social issues of white-Indian relations, land issues, reparations and so forth.

Several large didactic panels in the reading area containing comparative information, text citations and images will provide additional information to the viewer in order to better understand the complex and under known historical issues to which the artworks are addressed.

The wax museum purported to tell the story of the English Pilgrims journey to Massachusetts and the establishment of their Plymouth Colony. Eventually the Pilgrims destroyed the colony and sent Morton back to England. After receiving all the figures and parts from the wax museum I set them up in the studio and photographed them against a white ground. Here the figures and objects depicted are obviously fake, raising questions about authenticity, objectivity and historical truth.

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English Japanese. Our website uses cookies to improve user experience. So proud be be descended from these strong and determined colonials. Ancestor: Henry Samson.

Trailing the Mayflower - The Iconic Ship of a Pilgrim Voyage to the New World | Ancient Origins

Location: Rhode Island, United States. I have known since I we little that I am a descendant. I want to become a member of the Mayflower Society before I pass. My grandfather belonged but when he joined found it not to have to have so much paperwork.

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I need many documents and they are expensive to get copies. I hope that I can complete this before That I have a great heritage.

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I am currently working on my membership to the Mayflower Society Bradford Colony. The more I learn, the more connected I feel to the brave women who came before me. My Mayflower connection has increased my interest in history. Knowing more about my Mayflower as well as Native American ancestors has helped me to further understand and appreciate the impact of these families to our country.

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I was very happy to find this out. Interested in the contribution of my ancestors in shaping Canada and the United States, Found they were instrumental in building flower mills, churches, schools, and settling remote areas of our country also looking foreward to get together. Lucille Evans Hahn. Honoring those who endured so much hardship to settle on this continent and contribute to the building of our country is the reason I joined the Mayflower Society. Almost all Americans have immigrant ancestors, ours were among the first.

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  6. Meeting the many members from all walks of life who feel the same is important to me. Deborah Martin-Plugh. When I was a child, my mother always told us that we were from 'good pioneer stock'. There was no formal genealogy at that time That phrase compelled me to find out my family history and led me to Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers Ancestor: Edward Winslow. I am incredibly proud. Sharon Garrison. Ancestor: Isaac Allerton, John Howland.

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    Very little, I just enjoy the research. I went nearly 65 years without a clue to my origins in North America.

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    Once my mother's Byram line married Abigail Alden, I feel humbled. Having DNA evidence makes me proud that in the generations since that landing a member of that family has been in uniform to defend the land for all its generations! Zachary Bayer. Finding out that I am part of the Mayflower has been so exciting. The originals. Never have I ever thought that this would be. Ancestor: Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers.

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    There is much to learning and knowing better the history of the families and other details. I feel it is important to know this. Cynthia Jordan. I am very proud to be a descendant of so many great Men and women that helped to create this great country. I only hope and pray that I will continue their legacy. The blood of these great people runs through me and that is pretty awesome. Ancestor: James Chilton, Stephen Hopkins. It makes me feel more a part of this wonderful country I'm part of the first settlers. Praise be. David J. Not only is it fascinating to learn that I am a descendant of John Howland as well as John Tilley but it's amazing to think how different the world would be today had they not been able to rescue John Howland after he fell off the boat.

    Arthur Stuart Firkins. Location: New South Wales, Australia. It provides a continuity , an identity and a connection to a significant event in history.