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Incredible life of toddler travelling world who has already seen 24 countries aged 2

Baker, who Jill said the Kellys "trust and love as a man and as a friend," proposed a concept similar to a faith-oriented film called "I Can Only Imagine," starring Dennis Quaid. One of the major turning points for the former quarterback -- and something that is planned to be part of the movie script -- came on Aug.

While visiting Jill's parents in her hometown of Attica, Hunter stopped breathing and his grandparents rushed him to the hospital. Jill hurriedly left the Kellys' home in Orchard Park on her own to meet them there.

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Jim had heard Jill tell her parents to transport their son to Children's Hospital in Buffalo, so in a separate car, he took off for there. However, when Jim arrived, he discovered Hunter had not been admitted to Children's. As soon as Jim found out his son was at Warsaw Hospital, near Attica, he sped off in that direction.

He was pulled over for speeding. When the police officer, aware Kelly was trying to see his son, recognized Kelly, he gave him an escort.

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Your son is gone. I was totally mad at God. All these negative things had happened, and I said, 'You send my son to heaven and you told me to go to the wrong hospital? That's a part of the movie that's going to be pretty impactful. I can't breathe!

The War Years 1940 - 1944

This isn't Kelly's first involvement in a movie. He made a cameo appearance in the football comedy, "Necessary Roughness. Kelly said their scene required one day of filming, which doesn't compare to the commitment he and his wife are making to the current project.

It invites readers to take risks and discover the possibilities of living an incredible life on the other side of fear. The captivating story of her personal journey motivates others to reach from hopelessness to individual freedom, learning to be the best you can be. As a style coach, I have seen how fear keeps people from not only looking their best, but being their best, personally and professionally.

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I know that truth personally, as well—but I have found the wonder of life on the other side of fear. By sharing my journey from a childhood of adversity and shame to the life of freedom and self-fulfillment I live now, my hope is to inspire you to look at your own story. What fears do you contend with?

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What limits you from living the incredible life you were intended to live?