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She did not refuse immediately and looked almost as if she was considering his suggestion seriously, but then shook her head. Denial that she had time to spare for such diversions, possibly. Suspicion that it was a ploy of some sort, almost certainly. A criticism of her own abilities, not at all.

He walked to stand opposite her, adding a slight swagger to his walk. Lucy shifted her stance, straightening her back and letting her hands drop to rest at her sides, watching as he crossed to her. As much as she might deny it, Roger recognised she was readying herself to dance. Roger swallowed, acutely aware of how much he wanted the woman standing before him.

Why not get hold of a copy, light the fire, pour a glass of your favourite winter drink and lose yourself on the Cornish Coast?

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Eleanor shivered as the icy wind hit her. She almost went back for her cloak, but the sound of voices and laughter drifted to her from the Outer Hall. She shook her head and made her way round the side of the house to the walled garden where she hoped to find some protection from the weather, and threw herself on to a stone bench.

She drew her knees up to her chest and hugged herself tightly to ward off the cold. She stared into the shadows and her stomach twisted again as she thought of the argument with her mother. Her eyes swam with tears that were hot in the biting wind.

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She drew deep breaths, fighting the urge to run to her chamber, pack her belongings and return home. Eleanor gave a start. She spun round to find William Rudhale standing by the far end of the bench, a large bundle under one arm. Eleanor bowed her head quickly, unwilling for him to see the evidence of her tears, and wiped them away with the back of her hand.

He unfurled the bundle that he carried and Eleanor recognised his voluminous red cloak. It is no weather to be out in without something to keep you warm. Their eyes met and he gave a slight smile, as though being caught in the act of a kindness embarrassed him. He brushed a stray lock of hair from her cheek with fingers that left a trail of heat across her skin.

She put her head in her hands and burst into sobs, not caring that the steward saw or what he might think. Her frame shook with each fresh rush of tears. Eleanor stiffened momentarily as the unfamiliar closeness provoked feelings that were much more alarming than her grief. Buy A Wager for the Widow here. A Wager for the Widow has been out for a month.

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Every comment means a lot to me. Both feature lovely heroines in green with moody skies in the background. As much as I would have loved to see who they chose to play the heroes one dark, one blonde — who would you choose? I really like my ladies. Which cover do you prefer?

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Do you go for the covers with couples or heroes rather than heroines? Clicking on the cover pictures should take you right there if the cover has whetted your appetite. Harlequin Junkie Author Spotlight with some exclusive extracts. An innocent for the taking? Ricardo Salvatore despised greedy women -- was Carly just one more?

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He planned to take over the company that Carly managed. So why not include her in the bargain? Unloved and unwanted as a child, Carly had never l But on a business trip to Prague, Beth Held captive in the desert! Stranded in the sands, Katrina is rescued by the Sheikh and taken back to his lavish desert camp She has to marry the Sheikh In order to protect her, he will have to wed her!

Then he discovers that she' But out of loyalty to her best friend, Best, she is prepared to play Everyone in her office thinks Harriet is boss Matthew Cole's fiancee! Harriet has to keep reminding herself it's all just for convenience -- but how far is Matthew prepared to go with their arrangement Kate arrives for a regular day at the office -- only to get a major shock! The new managing director is none other than her ex-husband! Billionaire businessman Sean Howard is still smarting because his marriage to Kate ended. But when he sees her Suzy Roberts has never been called a security risk before -- but Colonel Lucas Soames insists she is!

And to safeguard his mission,the tough security millionaire forces her to pose as his mistress! In a luxurious Italian villa she is kept under twen Leon Stapinopolous had never known defeat in the boardroom -- or the bedroom! One of France's oldest perfume houses was to be another acquisition in his empire Prince Luc D'Urbino needs a wife -- urgently. His Mediterranean principality is in turmoil, and only a royal wedding will solve the problem! Years ago Carrie Broadbent shared one night of passion with Luc, so now she's more than a little surprised Maggie, Nicki, Alice and Stella For four close friends, it's the bonds of friendship that have seen them through life's ups and downs.

Nothing can shake their support of each other -- until one of them drops a bombshell that will change their rela They were going to have to share a bed in Andreas' family mansion, and Saskia still had not told him When a storm left Mariella stranded at Xavier's desert home, passion soon took over It was a night she would never forget!

But having always Petra is betrothed -- to rich, eligible Sheikh Rashid. But she plans to ruin her reputation so Rashid won't want her. Blaize, a fellow guest at her hotel, agrees to be Petra's pretend lover -- though soon he's taken her virginity! He needed a wife to get custody -- so he proposed a marriage of convenience to the baby's English nanny, Alice Walsingham! Having secretly fallen in love with Marco, Alice found th Jaz Cavendish had shared an all-consuming passion with suave American business associate Caid Dubois -- but betrayal and disillusionment forced them apart.

Back in England with the festive season approaching, Jaz discovers she has a new boss When Meg Scott spends Christmas with Spanish aristocrat Don Christian Felipe Martinez, she is scornful of his family tradition that their men fall in love at first sight. Meg is thrilled by his passion, but stunned by his announcement that they'll be The wrong bed! When Leo Jefferson falls into bed he finds a surprise -- a gorgeous siren who makes him forget all about his stressful day But next morning she confesses to being schoolteacher Jodi Marsh who fell asleep in the wrong room! More than three million dollars to sleep with her husband -- and have his baby!

Imogen had wanted nothing more than to be Dracco Barrington's bride! But a shocking revelation on their wedding day changed everything. She ran right out of her brand The city girl and the country gentleman When elegant city girl Maggie Russell is caught in a flood, rugged Finn Gordon comes to her rescue. He takes her to his isolated farmhouse, laughs at her impractical designer clothes -- and sets about removi To love, honor Millionaire Nash Connaught knew something about Faith that could cost her her job.

And he was holding the dark secret over her head He had never meant to blackmail her into bed!

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But the temptation they both f She'd thought she'd found it all in her husband, Caspar, but unable to let go of her troubled childhood, she'd put at risk the one thing she valu The time had come Polly had always been grateful that when she was in need, Marcus Frobisher had offered her a home, a job, and himself as a stand-in father to her baby daughter.

As the years passed, Marcus let Polly think The virgin fiancee Andreas Latimer needed a fiancee to present to his Greek grandfather -- and he'd decided on Saskia Rodgers. After all, he'd gained the impression she was a woman of the world. Surely she would have no problem with a little pl An expert on women Wealthy, self-assured Jake Carlisle, born with the kind of looks that drive women wild, usually succeeded at everything he did.

But now he'd taken on a real challenge, transforming scruffy tomboy Lucianna Stewart into a tempt Working together Piers's relationship with Georgia was strictly business -- pure and simple.

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This should have made their living under the same roof a relatively straightforward affair. But, somehow, Piers couldn't stop Years ago, David Crighton went missing. He'd walked away from his close-knit family, beautiful home, and a scandal of his own making. Since then he's met Honor Jessop. A spirited woman with more warmth and compassion than he's ever know Her husband Annie can't believe Dominic Carlyle's claim. How can he be her husband? Why would she have walked out on him and forgotten all about their marriage?

To jog Annie's memory, Dominic insists they move in together.

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Annie i Katie Crighton has been persuaded to take her place in the family business, but she feels like an outsider, since most of her friends and family are in happy relationships -- whilst Katie is a virgin. Sebastian Cooke's smoldering sexual energy is Baby wanted!

Samantha Miller yearned to start a family, but eligible men were in short supply. Maybe visiting her happily married twin in England would help. Liam Connolly should have been relieved to see Sam set off for England. Since she'd be Instead they got When Beth met Alex Andrews on a business trip to Prague, she was determined not to fall for this magnetic stranger.

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Still recovering from a Her husband-to-be? Dee had thought a career was enough to keep her happy and fulfilled. But now she regrets giving up her chance of marriage, babies and family life Especially when Hugo Montpelier, the man she once passionately loved, returns Her lover -- until her memory returns? When Anna woke up in hospital, the first person she saw was Ward Hunter. The chemistry between them was so intense, Anna was convinced he must be her lover! Ward found Anna's sensuality hard to resist She is playing with fire! Normally so cautious and in control of her life, Kelly Harris feels out of her depth cast in the role of a sultry femme fatale.

But, out of loyalty to her best friend, she reluctantly agrees to play the seductress to teac Prominent lawyer Max Crighton has it all -- money, power, the perfect home life. But for a man add to the dark and dangerous side of sexual attraction isn't enough. He goes from affair to affair, seducing his grateful female clients, putting his ch When Belle Crawford found herself seated next to her ex-husband Luc at a wedding, she expected fireworks--a display sparked by passion!

She had found passion in Gareth Simmonds's arms. For one brief moment, in sun-drenched Italy, Louise Crighton had been able to forget her hurt at seeing the man she thought she l Finally free to follow her heart, Verity Maitland has returned home to Silas Stevens, her first and only love. But what of his own betrayal? After declaring undying love for he She's break his self-control!