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Detailed accounts of when Charles was overly sexual to men were mentioned in Westbrook's video, including one account of when the YouTuber attended her birthday dinner earlier this year. It is not someone else's to take, it is not someone else's to play with The exodus of subscribers from Charles's YouTube channel occurred despite Charles posting an apology video to Westbrook just hours after her YouTube video.

Charles's video, which has been watched 44 million times, has received 2. In contrast, Westbrook has seen her popularity grow since releasing her video against Charles. Her account 'Tati' has gained four million followers, boosting her subscriber account to 10 million.

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Drama queens: Some former fans are destroying their James Charles palettes following his public controversy, with at least one burning the makeup in the trash. Some angry former fans of Charles had expressed their rage by posting videos of themselves damaging their James Charles eye shadow palettes.

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The two clash, in and out of office, until Donovan realizes he doesn't really hate Sam, he hates how he makes him feel. Certainly not the steamiest of stories, but I didn't mind.

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Carothers - 3. I can't believe it! Such a great start and then it just petered out. What does an asexual person doing in a bdsm club? Gosh, I dunno, you tell me.

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Pain, apparently. More precisely pleasure that comes with pain. Not necessarily combined with sex. Steele usually went to the club on a regular night when men an women both mingled. He identifies as 'primal' which is explained at the beginning so it doesn't matter to him if the dom is a man or a woman as long as someone can give him what he wants, though admittedly he never scened with a man. And lately he longs for something more, so he decides to go to Men's night, where he seeks out the most perfect dom and tries to convince him to scene with him.

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He's really determined. Everything went great, and I found the whole scenario interesting. There was a little banter between the two. And then at one point, it just turned into a mushy, sweet, lovesick story. And their big scene together wasn't as detailed as I would have liked. Denning - 2 stars Incest. Paul and Mark are half-brothers. Their dad was a drunk. Mark left for college, leaving Paul behind, but he promised himself he would come back for him. The story starts with a funeral. Their dad was in a car accident, which meant Paulie was finally free of him.

He went to live with Mark. One day Mark catches Paulie in the bathroom, hiding his pretty self from Mark. One thing leads to another and blah blah blah. Mckinney - 2 stars The plot was interesting, I just didn't like the execution. Christian and Hudson were undercover in a BDSM club I think this might have something to do with the book Sub Mission 8 months ago, where Christian was trying to hook up with Hudson, and then it turned out the guy was straight.

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But now they're back in training together, and Hudson might not be so straight after all. There's lots of sexual innuendos, and Christian is very aggressive in his pursuit, but also a little uncertain, and when he pulls back, Hudson is the one who's pushing. I think I would have like this if all that aggression was toned down a bit.

Add in some playful banter and I would have liked it. Doctor's Orders by Emma Jaye - 4 stars Well hello, medical kink. This story was a continuation of Invisible Ink Paint book 3. I started reading the series but I gave up after a few chapters in book 1. I wasn't in the mood, or something with the writing perhaps I didn't like, I don't remember why.

But now I have a renewed interest in the series. First we get a short sort of recap of what happened with Alex and Nate in book 3, and it might have ended with a HFN, coz Alex is still struggling, not with the relationship, but personal stuff. I loved their dynamic. Nate was so very patient and understanding with Alex. And I want to know more about Alex, what happened to him. It was a bit fun too, the whole scenario could have fit into American Pie. Medical kink was the one I was afraid of the most. It just doesn't sound very enjoyable to me, but how Alex described it, it totally made sense that he would like it, and it's not even the act of putting something in his penis that's so appealing to him, but rather the care the doctor shows.

So even though I haven't read book 3, this was a win. Jay is also a latino, btw. They grew up together, Jay is 3 years older. He always looked out for Jaime, who didn't exactly hide his love for cock There's 2 timelines, so we actually see them growing up. It seems they always hid their love from each other, but now that they live together, because of college, it's harder to resist. I liked this one. It would have been even better without the 8-year time jump in the epilogue.

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I don't think I could strictly categorize it. For example: Zach waits on his knees for Knox to get home from work, he isn't allowed to look him in the eye; Knox makes Zach kneel beside him at dinner and he feeds him. But he doesn't make him clean up.

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It's not domestic servitude. He also chooses Zach's attire for the evening they are planning with their friends from Open Mind , while Zach waits naked and blindfolded to be dressed excruciatingly slowly, kind of like a tease. But when he thinks about punishment, he says he hates it. Isn't that something subs should like. I haven't read Open Mind by the author, and even though this wasn't about that couple, but they were in it.

In the middle. I don't have a problem with doms sharing their subs with each other. Which is nothing new to me. The part where the two sub had fun with each other was actually nice, they clearly had a connection. But other than that, I didn't like it. Mostly because I didn't understand Zach, the sub. He sounded like he hated being a sub. I didn't get it. He did get off on being humiliated, that was clear. Tamed by T. My only complaint is that this should have been twice as long, at least. I hope when the author gets the rights back, she will extend it a little.

Jake is an ex-Marine. He's big, and he's also a sub.