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The President is a creature of habit, and routinely casts a wide net of blame for everything that isn't going his way. That has been especially true on border security -- Democrats , Mexico and Central American countries are his predictable punching bags. Trump just went there.

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He checked all three boxes in the last two days when he blasted "stupid Democrat inspired immigration laws," held Mexico responsible for not stopping all undocumented immigrants from entering the US, and said he was cutting aid to the Northern Triangle because "they haven't done a thing for us. Foreign assistance to these countries is -- or was -- determined based on US interests.

We have provided it because it benefited our own national security, including combating illegal immigration. We allocate resources for a reason, not because we like or dislike a particular country or leader. Just as he has blamed the same cast of characters for illegal immigration, the President has also habitually undercut his own team, and his decision to cut aid to the Northern Triangle was no different.

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His own State Department publicly states that its strategy is to provide foreign assistance to Central America and protect American citizens "by addressing the security, governance, and economic drivers of illegal immigration and illicit trafficking. How shutting down the border would affect daily life On Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen traveled to Honduras and signed an agreement with the security ministers of all three Northern Triangle countries.

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  6. A DHS news release states Nielsen, "expressed her gratitude for the continued collaboration and partnership of the Central American nations as they work to stem the flood of irregular migration and develop [a] regional approach to addressing the ongoing humanitarian and security emergency at our Southern Border. Just two days later, the President made moves to cut off foreign assistance to the very same countries. The President is shooting himself in the foot and undermining his own team by ignoring their analysis and hampering their ability to productively work with key counterparts.

    He's doing the exact opposite of what his own experts advise and need. And in the process, he's degrading the chances that they're viewed as empowered or honest by their foreign counterparts. President Trump appears to watch a lot of television, based on his Twitter TV reviews He might know that closing borders is a measure that the fictional leaders in "The Handmaid's Tale" took.


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    But this isn't Gilead -- we have laws that likely preclude him from permanently shutting down the border. For starters, 1. The President should be reminded that any attempt to shut down the border and bar citizens from entering their own country will meet serious legal challenges.

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    Attempts to restrict foreigners with visas or asylum seekers from entering the country will also likely be struck down in court. A confused SpongeBob wakes up and goes outside to ask Squidward why he is not acting like his grouchy self. The latter tells the former that it is Opposite Day and explains that on this holiday people do the opposite of what they normally do. SpongeBob then goes back inside and his happy-go-lucky personality transitions into grumpiness and anger.

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    He then hears a knock on the door and realizes that it is his best friend Patrick. SpongeBob tells him to go away and that he never wants to see him again. Shocked, Patrick bursts into tears as a result of SpongeBob's betrayal of him. However, SpongeBob then tells Patrick that he did not actually mean it and only said it in celebration of Opposite Day.

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