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He's even written a two-act thriller stage play called "Beyond Suspicion" also based on a true story and an entire album of original music entitled "The Seasons Rise And Fall" which was produced and played on the radio. His latest work, "Detour: A Crash And Burn Love Story", tells the heartbreaking, but also humorous true tale of the simultaneous rise and fall of both his marriage and his TV career. Steve is the divorced father of two beautiful young girls with whom he lives in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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This is the first time Steve has shopped a screenplay for consideration. Script File Download Script. A fame-obsessed TV host loses his career and family with one stupid mistake. Steve Truitt. Script Type:. Carrie Coltman.

Why we do what we do, and who we do it with, is a source of unending interest to me. Michael Dimeo. I seem to spend a lot of time working, and I want that time to be as titillating as possible.

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The Working Chronicles blends a life-long curiosity about people with my deep desire to write a book someday. Hanging out on the Malibu Beach set of Baywatch, overseeing celebrity interviews as a newbie PR rep, was great for a first job out of college. Sandy Jones-Kaminski.

I wanted to be part of The Working Chronicles to inspire others to pursue their passions by providing interviews that offer insight, and in some cases, a road map for exploring their own next big thing. As a child, I wanted my friends to meet and know each other so we could all play together. Sherry Jordana.

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I bring to The Working Chronicles the curiosity, warmth, and compassion to illuminate the stories of people in their working endeavors. I first realized the thrill of commerce at four years of age, after one afternoon selling popcorn in the neighborhood. I returned home with an empty wagon and a fist full of coins, feeling intoxicated and rich! While not all subsequent jobs have lived up to this promising start, the experience did create the awareness that working can be an invigorating and fulfilling aspect of living.

Vicki Larson. A longtime journalist, I have worked for almost every newspaper in the Bay Area, and have freelanced for numerous publications and websites.

I sometimes have something intelligent to say on my blog, and am living out a childhood fantasy as the lead singer in a chick band, Sounds Like China. Douglas Leach. I have worked as a busboy, waiter, chef, greens keeper, taxi driver, mime, actor, teacher, janitor, businessman, model, dancer, television producer, and gardener—and these are just the jobs I was paid for. I have had at least three official careers in the worlds of theater, business, and philanthropy.

As a natural teacher I found that part of every career has included training and education. My current exploration involves food—cooking, nutrition, and bringing the joy of the kitchen to a larger audience. Mira Ringler. I started my working career in a basement doing administrative work for an independent insurance sales woman. In these jobs and many others from college tour guide to human resources consultant , I have learned the power of personal relationships and their effect on the workplace.

Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to share. Windy Warner. As a corporate refugee, I love my third career as a Sherpa for people who want to climb to new heights in their personal and business lives. When I am not exploring the world with my husband, I live in Dallas, Texas and keep cool during the summer in Bozeman, Montana. The Working Chronicles captures an intimate look at work in 21st century America through candid interviews with people from all walks of life and all corners of the country.

Have a story about changing careers? We want to hear from you!

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For a short time we are accepting submissions from readers and will publish the top stories on our blog and possibly include in a book. We'll accept an autobiographical story or interview with someone else--check out the Submission Guidelines. All Rights Reserved. Web hosting by LMI. Home Project Chroniclers Contact.

Chroniclers Ted Ahrens I joined The Working Chronicles to add to the diverse, intriguing lessons from the workforce and to gain perspective on my own young career.

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Laurie Brescoll Through this project, I am renewing my affinity for writing and stretching myself in a new way by recording stories from other people about their working lives. Katie Gay The Working Chronicles blends a life-long curiosity about people with my deep desire to write a book someday.

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