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Balik returns home after rescuing Tamrin, to learn that their infant son Taia has disappeared. He returns twenty years later as the prince of a powerful kingdom. His true identity must be proved to save his life.

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Seven years after Taia's return, his youngest sister elopes and is consequently inducted into the harem of a cruel monarch. An attempt to rescue her would pose de Balik returns home after rescuing Tamrin, to learn that their infant son Taia has disappeared. An attempt to rescue her would pose deadly peril to those involved, while the fate of nations hangs in the balance.

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All Languages. More filters. A wide range of factors including abilities, behavior, discipline and independence, effects on the family and the provision of services were studied. The first chapters recounts much of what existing reseach has shown on the subject, plus a brief historical account of Down syndrome is given. Presentation and analysis of research data pertaining to the study is prevalent throughout the book, but the summaries and discussions at the end of most chapters are very helpful in defining the most significant results of the research.

Chigier, E.

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Lexington, Massachusett: D. Heath and Company, The research study that was the basis for this book was conducted in Israel in the late 's.

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While the stated purpose of the book was to make a cross-cultural Down syndrome comparison between European and Oriental population groups, the findings and conclusions communicate a rather limited view of the positive effects and outcomes that are possible when persons with Down syndrome have the benefit of a stimulating and nuturing environment. Only at a rudimentary level is it acknowledged that achievement is closely linked to proper care and attention to special needs. Dmitriev, Valentine, and Patricia L. Oelwein, eds.

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Advances in Down Syndrome. This volume covers a wide range of intervention strategies including medical, educational, special needs, parental, and living skills. Although the readability lags in places due to complex subject matter, overall this is not a concern. Concise summary and conclusion statements are used effectively to enhance the clarity of main points and important concepts. The intervention strategies are well-documented, practical, and based upon acceptably current research.

The book, while factual and thorough in its coverage of each topic, also conveys a positive attitude which promotes wider acceptance of people with special needs in general, and, in particular, of individuals with Down syndrome who have been misunderstood and maligned for so long. Hassold, Terry J. New York: Wiley-Liss, Did not review. Lane, David, and Brian Stratford, eds.

The stated objective of this book is to help inform readers regarding the relevance of Down syndrome research to the wellbeing of those with the condition. Discussion of research findings comprises much of the content, with clinical and technical vocabulary being commonly used. One of the final chapters provides a good review of legislation in Great Britain that has enhanced educational opportunities and access to services for people with Down syndrome. This same chapter gives a global perspective by reviewing parallel legislative developments in the United States and other countries.

Nadel, Lynn, ed. The Psychobiology of Down Syndrome. Cambridge: MIT Press, A number of significant concepts related to perception and cognitive abilities in people with Down syndrome are reviewed, but within the context of technical, research-oriented discussions that would not appeal to the casual reader.

Nonetheless, for the person seriously interested in learning more about the current direction and findings of research related to Down syndrome, this would be a viable choice. One chapter addressed the use of computers to teach language skills to children with Down syndrome. This innovative concept involves the use of speech output computers to provide a slow, consistent, non-varying speech signal which is easier for Down syndrome children to follow and imitate than ordinary conversation.

Nadel, Lynn, and Donna Rosenthal, eds. Included are a wide range of articles that focus on the expanding array of programs and services that are helping people with Down syndrome reach their full potential in community life. Section V, for example, is devoted to the topic of education and several articles examining the current concepts and trends in educating those affected with Down syndrome are offered. The theme of advocacy for the needs and rights of Down syndrome individuals and their families is consonant throughout the book.

Newman, Irving. Many of the articles readings compiled into this volume are reprints from other publications. The content is organized under two general sections: 1 family and parental concerns, and 2 learning potential, instruction, treatment and prevention. An interesting and helpful feature is the inclusion of citations and one sentence annotations with the article titles on the contents page. Two weaknesses are the duplication of information among the articles and some of the material is marginal with respect to currency.

Despite its limitations, the book provides a reasonably accurate and comprehensive overview of Down syndrome. Baltimore: Paul H.

Brookes Publishing Co. A stated goal of this volume is to present a general overview of Down syndrome that would be helpful for parents of children affected with the condition as well as others who want to learn more about the subject. The book accomplishes that goal by providing a wealth of factually sound information in clear, easy-to-understand language. Beyond being informative, the content is effective in providing the reader with practical methods of enhancing the mental, physical, and social well-being of people with Down syndrome.

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Throughout the book, the message is communicated that those with Down syndrome have essentially the same needs as other people and should be regarded as individuals first and foremost rather than as persons belonging to a distinct category. This book examines the topic of transition for individuals with Down syndrome.

Transition, in the context of this book, is defined as the period during which the individual finishes school and moves into an adult lifestyle which includes employment. Perspectives on the benefits and risks of integration into community life and, in particular, meaningful employment settings for people with Down syndrome are discussed. Parents and others who are directly involved with guiding those with Down syndrome toward vocational and social fulfillment will be well served by the proactive approach that is advocated.

This book examines the issues that young people with Down syndrome confront as they progress beyond childhood and make the transition through adolescence to adulthood.

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The topics covered represent a holistic approach which recognizes that quality of life for people with Down syndrome is inexorably linked to a broad spectrum of experiences and competencies. The ideas and concepts explored are closely linked to relevant scientific findings, but that is accomplished without distracting the reader from the primary thrust of the discussion. Among the topic areas covered are health and physical development issues, education initiatives, life in the workplace, and life in the community.

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Two chapters of particular interest were those reviewing legal protections for students with disabilities and the important role of the Special Olympics program as a tool for promoting and advocating persons with disabilities. Rynders, Allen C. Crocker, and Diane M. Crutcher, eds. New Perspectives on Down Syndrome. This volume covers a broad range of topics related to the needs and interests of people of Down syndrome.